SIFMA’s Board of Directors manages the business and affairs of the Association. Board members are either the chief executive officer of a SIFMA member firm, or a designee of such chief executive officer. All Board members have the authority to represent the views of their firms and are elected on a staggered basis by the SIFMA membership.


Thomas PlutaChair: Thomas Pluta
Global Head of Linear Rates Trading
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Jim ReynoldsChair-Elect: Jim Reynolds
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Loop Capital Markets LLC
Ken CellaVice-Chair: Ken Cella
Principal, Branch Development
Edward Jones
Treasurer: James Wallin
Senior Vice President
Kenneth E. Bentsen, Jr.
President and CEO

2022 Board at Large

Board Subcommittees
Six subcommittees of the Board of Directors oversee SIFMA’s standing committee agendas and functions. These Board subcommittees review committee priorities with committee leadership, enhancing the Board’s engagement with priority setting and committee operations.