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Importance of Appropriate Length of Comment Periods

SIFMA along with other associations submitted a joint letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding the need for sufficient comment periods, cost benefit analysis and meaningful public input in the regulatory rulemaking process. SIFMA and SIFMA AMG signed the joint letter with the following associations: Alternative Credit Council…

Market Metrics and Trends

A Look at Monthly Volatility and Equity and Options Volumes In this report, we highlight monthly market trends for volatility, price and volumes.   Monthly MetricsVolatility (VIX): Volatility (VIX): Monthly average 24.87; -11.5% M/M, +41.3% Y/Y S&P 500 (Price): Monthly average 3,911.73; +0.3 M/M, -10.4% Y/Y. Performance (month/year): best =…

Latest Research

When is a Digital Asset a Security?

The process of evaluating whether or not a specific digital asset would be considered a security relies on the existing cases and precedents that have shaped the boundaries of U.S. securities law for nearly 100 years. This blog will introduce some of the key questions, regulations, and policy statements that…

Cybersecurity Exercise: Quantum Dawn VI

Quantum Dawn is a series of cybersecurity exercises that enable financial institutions and the sector, as a whole, to practice and improve coordination with key industry and government partners in order to maintain financial markets operations in the event of a systemic cyber-attack.