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An online search for “investing basics” will return exhaustive results that are too time consuming to sift through, if all you want is a little guidance on getting started.

Whether you are looking for a starting point, already have a saving and investment plan in place, or working with a financial advisor, Path to Investing will help you build practical knowledge about the world of investing at your own pace.

Visit the sites below to get started:

Bookmark the glossary and visit for explanations of new market terms.

project: invested
Learn the fundamentals of a market economy by tapping into local resources and reading to your neighbors' stories. Project Invested provides you with a deeper understanding of the role the capital markets play in the US economy.

Industry Basics
From the role of the capital markets in the US economy to an explanation of the global marketplace, SIFMA's Industry Basics website introduces you to the fundamental components of the financial markets and securities industry.

Proxy Video Playlist
When you invest in stock, you become a partial owner in the company issuing the stock. As a part owner you are entitled to vote in company elections and issues.

It's Your Company Too
In this recorded webinar, Sharyn Bilenker, Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc., and Vincent Young, AVP of Curriculum Initiatives, SIFMA Foundation, discuss corporate governance, proxy voting, and the Company-Investor dynamic.

Invest It Forward
Do you teach in a classroom or afterschool setting? The SIFMA Foundation's Invest It Forward program connects your classroom with financial industry volunteers to introduce your students to investment fundamentals.

Want additional assistance or information about workshop and other educational opportunities? Send an email message to or


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Just Released – MatchMe
Put skills-based volunteering at your fingertips with MatchMe, an online hub for financial education volunteers and educators. We are delighted to welcome you to this new and improved volunteer site.

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A New Spring Term, Teachers and Students
My mother told me that there are very few people who understand how to do this and I was like, “Oh, I’m one of those people.”

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Kicks Off February 1st!  

SMG junior high and high schools - get connected with your member of Congress. We’ve had 100% of Congress participate two years in a row. Let’s make it three!

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Ready for the New Year?  

You can already pre-register for Spring Semester Judging! Special thanks as well to all InvestWrite judges for the 2015-16 school year!


Tribute Dinner 2015

October 5, 2016

Thank you to all of the SIFMA member and affiliated firms who supported the SIFMA Foundation Annual Tribute Dinner!


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