The State of Our Industry

sifma state of the industry press briefing: cheryl crispen, william a. johnstone, kenneth e. bentsen, jr., randy snook, andy blocker, ira hammerman

SIFMA’s President and CEO discusses our policy agenda for the coming year, and shares more highlights from our annual State of the Industry press briefing.


Expert Insights: The 2015 US Economic Outlook


In Q&A, Diane Swonk, Chair of SIFMA's Economic Advisory Roundtable and Chief Economist for Mesirow Financial, explains the factors behind the Roundtable's forecast for a 3.0% economic growth rate in 2015.


Project Invested

project invested

Why do capital markets matter? By bringing buyers and sellers together to make voluntary exchanges of value, capital markets have built the world we know today. Project Invested tells the story.


Principles for Effective Cybersecurity Regulatory Guidance


These ten principles should guide agency review and facilitate the dynamic partnership between financial regulators and the industry that is essential for our cybersecurity.



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Industry Basics

How does globalization contribute to economic growth?

Strong global markets bring together those who have capital to invest and those who need capital, thus enabling economic growth.

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