Quantum Dawn 3

quantum dawn 3 command center

SIFMA successfully facilitated Quantum Dawn 3, a cybersecurity exercise that enables financial institutions and the sector as a whole to practice and improve coordination with key industry and government partners to maintain equity market operations in the event of a systemic cyber attack.


Take Action to Keep Retirement Open


DOL's proposed retirement regulation will harm middle-class families preparing for retirement with fewer choices, limited access to advice and higher costs. Visit to contact Congress and voice your concerns.






Report Reviews State of Global Financial Market Liquidity

pwc gfma iif liquidity study

 A new report from PwC, commissioned by SIFMA's global affiliate and IIF, finds a measurable reduction in financial market liquidity across various asset classes. Download the report to find out how liquidity risks and market fragilities will likely be revealed.


SIFMA Releases US Government Securities Forecast for 3Q’15

sifma releases us government securities forecast for 3q’15

The SIFMA Quarterly Issuance Survey forecasts total net Treasury bill, note, and bond issuance to be $186.5 billion in the third quarter of 2015, 229.7% higher than the $56.6 billion issued in 2Q’15.


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Industry Basics

What is Liquidity?

Also known as marketability, liquidity is a measure of the relative ease and speed with which a security can be purchased or sold in a secondary market.

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