The T+2 Playbook

t+2 playbook

A shorter settlement cycle will enhance market structure by improving safety and efficiency for investors. The T+2 Industry Steering Committee published an Implementation Playbook that provides a detailed timeline, milestones and dependencies to migrate to a new two-day settlement cycle.


The 2016 Economic Outlook: Slow But Steady Wins the Race


 SIFMA's Economic Advisory Roundtable, composed of chief economists from many SIFMA member firms, forecast that the U.S. economy will grow at a solid 2.5% rate both this year and next.


Supporting the Pre-Eminence of American Capital Markets


In this examination of the state of America's capital markets, we discuss the need to achieve a regulatory balance that ensures our capital markets remain the most deep, liquid and well-functioning in the world.


Flaws in DOL's Proposed Retirement Regulation


The Department of Labor's proposed fiduciary regulation will harm middle-class families preparing for retirement with fewer choices, limited access to advice and higher costs. Visit to learn more.






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What is an emerging market?

An emerging market is an economy that is developing in response to the spread of capitalism.

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