Long-Term Securities Issuance Up 13.1%


Long-term issuance jumped 13.1% year-over-year to $1.90 trillion, per SIFMA's Research Quarterly. The increase was driven by growth across all asset classes except municipal debt.


Global Cyber Attack: SIFMA Member Advisory

global cyber attack sifma advisory

We see no impact to the US financial sector or its critical infrastructure from the ransom-ware cyber attacks occurring globally. SIFMA will continue to monitor the situation and assist, if warranted, in response and recovery efforts.


DOL Pending Fiduciary Rule Remains Flawed, Negatively Impacting the Marketplace


Op-Ed by Kenneth E. Bentsen, Jr, SIFMA president and CEO, published in The Hill.









SIFMA Commends Presidential Action to Review Regulatory Framework


SIFMA statement on President Trump's executive order calling for review of the nation’s financial regulatory framework and its impact on the markets and the economy.




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