DOL Proposal Limits Access, Reduces Choice, Raises Cost

dol proposal limits access, reduces choice, raises cost

The net effect of the DOL’s retirement regulation proposal would limit the ability of Americans to continue to receive personalized investment guidance for retirement plan accounts, which would result in a less secure retirement. 


The US Private Label MBS Market in 2015

us private label mortgage-backed securities market

Why has the market for private label mortgage-backed securities remained stagnant while others gain momentum? Learn the factors constraining its growth, and how enacting housing reform legislation can help reinvigorate it and the national housing system.


SIFMA Economic Roundtable Unveils Mid-Year Outlook


"Despite the weak first quarter and downgraded outlook, the Roundtable still expects the FOMC to begin raising rates later this year," said Ethan Harris, co-head of Global Economics Research at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Roundtable Chair.


SIFMA’s Five-Part Effort to Address Cyber Threats

sifma’s five-part effort to address cyber threats

In testimony to Congress, SIFMA’s President and CEO outlined the SIFMA’s comprehensive effort on behalf of the industry to enhance protections for the capital markets and users of financial services.


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