GSEs (Government Sponsored Enterprises)

Guidelines related to the GSE market.

Guidelines on Delivery of Offering Materials Relating to GSE Securities

Established for the provision of access and the distribution of offering materials to investors in securities issued by the Farm Credit System, the Federal Home Loan Bank System, the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and the Federal National Mortgage Association. Updated to incorporate Ginnie Mae in October 2011. The purpose of these Guidelines is to facilitate the timely availability of information to offerees and purchasers of securities.

Practice Guidelines for Trading GSE European Callable Securities

Guidelines created by a broad range of industry professionals for trading in certain GSE European-style callable securities.

Market Guidelines Covering When Issued Trading in GSE Auctioned Securities

Practice guidelines designed to establish certain market conventions for “when issued” (WI) trading in coupon securities issued by GSEs through a competitive bid auction process.