Municipal Swaps - Understanding the New World of Regulation

Muni Swaps Seminar

March1, 2013
SIFMA Conference Center  

Social Media Seminar 

SIFMA partners with the Government Finance Officers Association for a unique event to explore the impact of new regulations on your business.  

The Dodd-Frank Act imposed substantial new regulations on over-the-counter derivatives like swaps. A key area of focus for users of municipal swaps are the Commodity Futures Trading Commission's business conduct rules, which, when they take effect in May, will substantially alter the way state and local governments and non-profits interact with bankers, swap dealers and swap advisors. Learn about the new rules and how they will affect how you manage swaps in the future.

This event is appropriate for state, local or non-profit officials who have swaps currently or who may execute swaps in the future, bankers and others who work with state and local governments or non-profits on transactions involving swaps, and attorneys and compliance professionals who support municipal swap activities.

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