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DOL Fiduciary: An Overview
An overview of the DOL's re-proposal of a rule that would more broadly define the circumstances under which a person is considered to be a "fiduciary" by reason of giving investment advice under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

DOL Fiduciary: Fact Sheet
Concerns remain that the DOL's re-proposal of a 2010 rule has many of the same negative and unintended consequences as the original. DOL claims that the rule has been improved and will preserve access to education as well as remain business-model neutral. Unfortunately, DOL's claims do not hold up.

A Closer Look: The Facts on DOL's Flawed Fiduciary Proposal
Numerous studies have challenged DOL's sweeping generalizations and extrapolations, finding that their proposed retirement regulation will have the ultimate effect of limiting choice and access to financial education while raising the cost of saving for retirement.


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