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    It’s time for a fuller perspective on why capital markets matter.

    SIFMA represents hundreds of banks, broker-dealers and asset managers, all of whom share a key set of values: we are dedicated to promoting investor opportunity, access to capital for families and businesses, and an efficient market system that stimulates economic growth and job creation.

    Project Invested offers a fresh perspective on the role of capital markets in our nation’s economy. By providing a forum to explore and discuss key concepts that underlie the market economy, we hope to spark a conversation about the importance of capital markets in both private and public enterprises. The fact is that the story of capital markets reaches far beyond cities that are considered to be financial centers — the most significant impact they have is felt every day on Main Street.

    We believe that's a story worth telling.

    Finance and The Good Society

    John Taft Book CoverThe financial services system has an opportunity to move past the damage of the recent financial crisis and become an agent of positive social change. So what needs to happen in order for finance to become a force for good in the world? Yale Professor Robert Shiller examines "Finance and the Good Society" in RBC Wealth Management’s John Taft’s A Force for Good: How Enlightened Finance can Restore Faith in Capitalism. Continue reading at projectinvested.com... 


    Wells Fargo Lights the Way on the Path to Good Credit

    Wells Fargo - Path Many Americans admit they don’t always understand the world of credit and how it works. The Wells Fargo Path to Good Credit initiative is designed to improve consumers’ understanding of credit and develop higher levels of financial literacy.  Continue reading at projectinvested.com... 


    Skin in the Game: D.A. Davidson Student Investment Program Marks 30 Years of Success

    Skin in the Game: D.A. Davidson Student Investment Program Marks 30 Years of SuccessInvesting wisely takes knowledge and work, and D.A. Davidson’s Student Investing Program plays a vital role in helping to drive home that key lesson with college students interested in a financial services career. It’s an innovative way to give back, while at the same time promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of how the capital markets work. Continue reading at projectinvested.com... 


    Mission Critical: JPMorgan Chase Grant Program Boosts Main Street

    Main Street ProgramJPMorgan Chase established the Mission Main Street Grants program in 2012, with the aim of increasing awareness of the important role small businesses play in local communities and helping those small businesses grow. Since the program’s launch, Chase has distributed $9 million in grants to 44 recipients. Continue reading at projectinvested.com... 


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