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    It’s time for a fuller perspective on why capital markets matter.

    SIFMA represents hundreds of banks, broker-dealers and asset managers, all of whom share a key set of values: we are dedicated to promoting investor opportunity, access to capital for families and businesses, and an efficient market system that stimulates economic growth and job creation.

    Project Invested offers a fresh perspective on the role of capital markets in our nation’s economy. By providing a forum to explore and discuss key concepts that underlie the market economy, we hope to spark a conversation about the importance of capital markets in both private and public enterprises. The fact is that the story of capital markets reaches far beyond cities that are considered to be financial centers — the most significant impact they have is felt every day on Main Street.

    We believe that's a story worth telling.

    ReWalk Robotics Shows how Capital Markets Financing Can Change Lives

    VeteransA groundbreaking robotics system is helping paralyzed individuals learn to walk again—and new capital from the company’s IPO is expanding the possibilities for their technology. Continue reading at projectinvested.com... 


    A Sense of Duty: Hire Veterans 

    Sense of duty Hire VeteransFirms within the financial services sector have stepped up to recruit, train and provide opportunities for our veterans. As 2015 kicks off and on the year’s first Jobs Day, one suggestion for a New Year resolution is to follow the lead of financial firms and work with local military and veteran organizations to recruit, train and employ veterans. Continue reading at projectinvested.com... 


    Accessing the Bond Market is a Game Changer for Charter Schools 

    Charter SchoolsA quality education is the foundation for future success. Parents across the country expect schools to provide a safe environment and strong curriculum that prepares students for future success. With charter school enrollment growing, accessing the bond market has provided these schools the ability to improve their facilities and programs to better prepare their students for future endeavors. The bond market has saved charter schools significant amounts of money which can be put back where it provides the greatest reward, into the classroom. Continue reading at projectinvested.com... 


    Get a Handle on Your Money: Better Money Habits Partnership Demystifies Personal Finance

    Better Money Habits

    Need to get a handle on financial decisions you have to make? Struggling to create a home budget, to manage your credit or to refinance your mortgage? Bank of America and Khan Academy partnered to create “Better Money Habits” to help people build practical financial expertise by making financial education more engaging, accessible and easier for people to understand. Continue reading at projectinvested.com...


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