Primary, Secondary & Post-Trade Markets Primer

Capital markets recognize and drive capital to the best ideas and enterprises. Coupled with the free flow of capital, innovation is an integral component for supporting job creation, economic development and prosperity. Markets facilitate investment from those who seek a return on their assets to those who need capital and credit to grow.

This presentation, a companion to our Global Capital Markets & Financial Institutions Primer, reviews the structure of market segments including:

  • Primary Markets, where securities are created
  • Secondary Markets, where existing stocks and bonds are traded among investors
  • Post Trade Operations, the last phase of the trade lifecycle and the plumbing of the capital markets

SIFMA Insights Primers

The primer series from SIFMA Insights goes beyond a typical 101-level brief, breaking down important technical and regulatory nuances to foster a fundamental understanding of the marketplace and set the scene to address complex issues arising in today’s markets.


Katie Kolchin, CFA
Director of Research
SIFMA Insights