US Fixed Income Securities Statistics

Want to learn more about the current landscape for U.S. fixed income markets? SIFMA Research tracks issuance, trading, and outstanding data breaking out U.S. Treasuries, mortgage-backed securities (MBS), corporate bonds, municipal securities, federal agency securities, asset-backed securities (ABS), and money markets (outstanding data only). Download monthly (issuance and trading only), quarterly and annual statistics with trend analysis below. Current statistics include:
• Issuance (as of April) $1,127.2 billion, +9.9% Y/Y
• Trading (as of April) $849.7 billion, -21% Y/Y
• Outstanding (as of 4Q20) $49,929.2 billion, +14.2% Y/Y


Monthly, quarterly, or annual issuance, trading and outstanding volumes for the U.S. fixed income markets.

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