Introducing the New

We’ve simplified to bring a clear and focused experience to our information-rich site.


As the foremost advocates for effective and efficient capital markets, we have a wealth of substantive data and resources. At times, this information went so deep that it became buried in bottomless silos. At the outset of this project we asked, how can we make this valuable content more accessible to our users?

The very first thing we did was move to a responsive platform. Our site now serves every modern device to reach you no matter where you are – digging into data at your desktop, reading a comment letter on your tablet, or registering for an event from your phone. Of course, this was just table stakes for a modern website. Next, we simplified the site’s structure and streamlined navigational tools to surface our most popular and most useful content. Finally, we built a search tool so powerful that it could make Google jealous.

To help you navigate your way around the new site, here are some of our favorite features:

Instant Search:

Our powerful new search tool helps you quickly find what you seek. Efficiently sift through thousands of submissions, research publications and other resources. Advanced filtering tools help narrow your focus even more.

See it in action:


Bond Data Visualization:

America’s capital markets are the largest and deepest in the world: explore trends in the bond markets across various time series and dive into multiple asset classes. An immersive experience, this interactive data visualization draws from deep cuts of data in both issuance and outstanding securities. Download distinct datasets and don’t miss the corresponding JPG files.

See it in action:

Other essential links include:

  • Research: Analyze our extensive library of reports, statistics and surveys.
  • Events: Explore our wide range of event offerings to find topical professional development and networking opportunities relevant to you.
  • For Members: SIFMA members are eligible for special benefits, including participation on our committees, working groups and roundtables. Check our Member Directory to see if your firm is a corporate member and manage your email preferences to stay in touch.

We’d love to hear what you think. Email [email protected] to tell us about your experience or even just to ask where we put the ever-popular Holiday Schedule. Your feedback could be the start of our next website enhancement.