1. What is the SIFMA Thought Leader Library?

The SIFMA Thought Leader Library is a repository of original content generated by SIFMA members relating to critical issues in the financial services sector.  The Library can include articles, white papers, research, case studies, webcasts/multi-media, presentations, briefing papers, surveys and other original content.  Please explore this list of key issues relevant to SIFMA members.

  1. Who may contribute to the Library?

SIFMA Full and Associate members in good standing may contribute thought leadership to the Library. To confirm if your firm is a member, please review our Member Directory.  If your firm is not a member, please click here to learn how to join SIFMA.

If you have any questions about membership, the application process or dues, please contact SIFMA’s Office of Member Engagement at 212.313.1150 or [email protected]

  1. What types of content are acceptable?

SIFMA members are interested in thought leadership that is original, timely and informative. All submissions must be the original work of the member submitting the thought leadership.  Links to content other than the member’s proprietary content are prohibited.

Thought leadership cannot be commercial in nature and cannot represent a sales pitch for a product, service, or company. SIFMA has the right to remove any text or links to investment or market research, recommendations, sales materials, pitches, advertisements or other marketing materials.  The member firm shall indemnify SIFMA for any lawsuits related to copyright violations in connection with documents submitted by that member firm.

  1. How do I submit thought Leadership?

To submit thought leadership, complete and sign the Submission Form and Consent Agreement, including the link to the member’s content on their website.   Please include a synopsis of your submission not to exceed 50 words and include date of submission and contact information for the author(s).  Incomplete submission forms will not be processed.

  1. How many individual submissions may a member post?

Each member firm may post up to three (3) concurrent submissions; pieces can be changed out as often as the member would like to ensure topical information. SIFMA has the discretion to change the number of posting per firm at any time.

Additional opportunities to post thought leadership are available at enhanced membership categories.

Please contact SIFMA’s Office of Member Engagement at 212.313.1150 or [email protected].

  1. How does SIFMA determine if a submission will be posted?

SIFMA’s Member Engagement Department will verify the accuracy of the link to the member’s website, and determine if the member is a member in good standing.  A member not in good standing will be notified that the submission will not be posted until the member’s standing is resolved.  SIFMA will review each submission in a timely manner to determine whether or not it will be accepted for posting.

In addition to review by the Member Engagement Department, certain submissions may be subject to additional staff review by SIFMA subject matter experts, or the Global Advocacy, Office of General Counsel, or Corporate Communications Departments.  Submission of thought leadership does not guarantee posting on SIFMA’s website.  Posting on the Thought Leader Library will be at the sole discretion of SIFMA.  The member will be notified by the Member Engagement Department when a submission has been received and approved or rejected for posting.

  1. Can my firm use the SIFMA logo on thought leadership or elsewhere on our website?

Only members in good standing may be able to use the SIFMA logo on the member’s website to indicate their membership status, and only with SIFMA’s prior written consent.  members cannot use the SIFMA logo on their thought leadership or submissions to the Library. Use of the logo does not imply SIFMA’s affiliation or endorsement of the member, or the member’s submissions, products or services.

If you have questions about the proper use of the logo, please contact SIFMA’s Office of Member Engagement at 212.313.1150 or [email protected].

  1. In what format must content be submitted?

SIFMA members must host their own content and provide a SIFMA with a URL.  SIFMA will link to that URL location from the Library.

  1. Are statistics on website traffic to the Library available?

Select traffic data is available upon request.  Please contact SIFMA’s Office of Member Engagement for more information.

Violations of these conditions could result in SIFMA removing the links to the member’s website.  SIFMA reserves the right to request the removal of any unauthorized SIFMA links to the member’s website.  All such requests must be granted immediately or membership rights and privileges may be forfeited. 

Questions?  Please contact SIFMA’s Office of Member Engagement at 212.313.1150 or [email protected].