The 2022 Annual Meeting Debrief

Recently, SIFMA hosted our Annual Meeting. With hundreds of participants, we gained insights into top-of-mind topics for market participants. Inside this note, we recap just some of what was seen and heard, including:

  • The Industry Outlook – industry and macro themes, with pre-conference survey results, as well as capital markets and wealth management outlooks
  • View from Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Janet Yellen – economy’s transition to stable & sustained growth; resilient financial system, not seeing any massive risks; update on the U.S. Treasuries market
  • The Economic Outlook – inflation by the numbers, a comparison to the 1970s, and the components in the inflation equation; recession, rates, and economists’ expectation
  • The Regulatory View – market participant thoughts on the SEC agenda; agency priority updates from SEC Chair Gensler and CFTC Chairman Behnam
  • The ESG Perspective – updates from Secretary Yellen and regulators; survey on ESG investing and underwriting
  • More on Market Themes – digital assets/cryptocurrency and survey results on markets and volatility



  • The Industry Outlook
    • Market Touchpoint: Industry Themes
    • Market Touchpoint: Macro Themes
    • Outlook – Capital Markets
    • Outlook – Wealth Management
  • A View from the Secretary of the US Treasury
  • The Economic Outlook
    • Setting the Scene
    • Inflation – Where We Are
    • Inflation – 1970s Part II
    • Inflation – Composition
    • Recession – Unfortunately, Yes
    • Rates – How Much More to Go
    • Rapid Fire Roundup
    • Market Touchpoint: Economic Themes
  • The Regulatory View
    • The Industry View
    • The SEC View
    • The CFTC View
  • The ESG Perspective
    • Updates from Regulators
    • Market Touchpoint: ESG
  • More on Market Themes
    • Market Touchpoint: Markets & Volatility
    • Crypto/Digital Assets
    • Market Touchpoint: Crypto


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Katie Kolchin, CFA