Research Quarterly: Equities

The Equity capital formation posted a good performance in 1Q24, as compared to prior periods. Total equity capital formation was $56.9B, +81.6% Q/Q and +109.7% Y/Y. Total IPO issuance was $7.5B, +192.1% Q/Q and +239.0% Y/Y, and secondary issuance was $44.3B, +57.3% Q/Q and +110.4% Y/Y. The private side of markets did not fare as well. Private equity deal value totaled $145.4B for the quarter, -15.1% Q/Q and -22.7% Y/Y.

ADVs were up Q/Q for equity, ETFs, and options. Equity ADV was 11.8B shares, +5.4% Q/Q but -0.1% Y/Y. ETF ADV was 2.4B shares, +2.2% Q/Q but -4.9% Y/Y. Options ADV was 47.5M contracts, +6.9% Q/Q and +3.0% Y/Y.

The S&P 500 index averaged 4,992.54, +11.8% Q/Q and +24.8% Y/Y. The Nasdaq averaged 15,692.03, +12.8 Q/Q and +36.7% Y/Y. Market capitalization of the stock market increased to $53.8T, +9.9% Q/Q and +22.0% Y/Y.




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The SIFMA Research Quarterlies contain data and statistics on U.S. markets. The equity and related report – cash equites, ETFs, options and capital formation – includes information on: volumes, volatility, total equity issuance, IPOs, market shares, exchange landscapes, etc.

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