Annual Meeting Debrief, 2023

Perspectives & Key Themes from Market Participants

Recently, SIFMA hosted our Annual Meeting, where we gained insights into top-of-mind topics for market participants. Inside this note, we recap just some of what was seen and heard, including:

  • The Industry Outlook – The capital markets outlook, including increasing reliance on financial advice in challenging markets and how capital markets firms are weathering the ever-changing environment, plus pre-conference survey results on industry themes, macro events, and markets/volatility.
  • The Economic Outlook – A bull-bear debate on the Fed’s rate conundrum and the impact of monetary policy on the real economy – resiliency of economic growth, the consumer, the labor market, inflation’s path to 2%, and the Fed’s rate decisions – plus pre-conference survey results on economics.
  • The Regulatory View – Market participant thoughts on regulations; Treasury on markets, digital assets, critical technologies, China, and geopolitics; the SEC on UST, as well as equity markets reform, T+1 transition, and predictive data analytics; the CFTC on technology, digital assets, and Basel III Endgame; and pre-conference survey results on ESG/crypto regulations.




  • The Industry Outlook
    • Market Touchpoint: Industry Themes
    • Market Touchpoint: Macro Themes
    • Market Touchpoint: Markets & Volatility
    • Capital Markets Outlook
  • The Economic Outlook
    • Setting the Scene
    • The Bull/Bear Debate
    • The Impact on the Real Economy
    • Market Touchpoint: Economic Themes
  • The Regulatory View
    • The Industry View
    • The Treasury Department View
    • The SEC View
    • The CFTC View
    • Market Touchpoint: Other Regulations


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Katie Kolchin, CFA