Podcast: AML- Safeguarding Our Markets

With a sustained commitment to addressing the risk of money laundering and financial crime through securities firms, as well as strong collaboration between firms and with the regulatory community, much has been achieved by the securities industry in helping to make our financial system safer and more secure. With that understanding, however, comes the knowledge there will be much more change to come.

In this podcast, SIFMA President and CEO, Kenneth E. Bentsen Jr., is joined by Steve Shine, Chief Regulatory Counsel at Prudential Financial Inc, and Cathy LaFalce, Managing Director and Global Head of AML Compliance Risk Management, Markets and Banking at Citi, to talk about the history of efforts to counter money laundering and other financial crimes in the securities industry and what the future may bring in this space.

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Kenneth E. Bentsen, Jr. is President and CEO of SIFMA.