Heard at Ops: Part 2 of the 2022 Series

Watch the videos and read the conversations: topics range from digital transformation, resiliency, and talent to managing concurrent industry and regulatory changes.

Heard at Ops is produced on-site at SIFMA’s annual Operations Conference & Exhibition, the definitive conference for operations professionals in financial services.

Explore by Episode:

Broadridge’s Tim Gokey on Digital Transformation

Tim Gokey of Broadridge discusses the challenges and top trends that are driving digital transformation in the capital markets.

For more, read our Q&A with Tim: Driving digital transformation

EY’s Stefanie Coleman on Performance Management

Stefanie Coleman of EY explains why firms need to rethink their performance management model.

For more, read our Q&A with Stefanie: Rethinking the performance management model

DTCC’s Murray Pozmanter on Operations Partnership

Murray Pozmanter of DTCC describes the importance of operations partnership with the business and IT to manage concurrent industry and regulatory changes.

For more, read our Q&A with Murray: The importance of partnership to achieve the right outcomes

Protiviti’s Keith Zielenski on New Tech Adoption and Upskilling

Keith Zielenski of Protiviti talks about keeping up with new technologies and why upskilling is critical to operational resilience.

For more, read our Q&A with Keith: New tech adoption and upskilling

PwC’s Chris Pullano on Treasury Market Resiliency

Chris Pullano of PwC discusses why regulators are looking at reforms to the U.S. Treasury markets as well as some of the potential changes to strengthen resiliency in these markets.

For more, read our Q&A with Chris: Treasury market resiliency


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