Senior Investor Protection Toolkit

Senior financial exploitation has been estimated to cost savers almost $3 billion per year in cases that have been reported by the media, and it has been estimated that only 1 in 44 cases is ever reported to the authorities. Moreover, recent scientific advancements have shown that financial decision-making is often one of the first cognitive functions to decline – even high-functioning adults can develop this vulnerability as part of the normal aging process.

These are both very real threats faced by every investor, and SIFMA is committed to finding solutions that help protect senior investors from exploitation and cognitive decline.

SIFMA, along with our member firms, have created the Senior Investor Protection Toolkit for this reason. The Toolkit provides a compilation of resources to help educate and protect senior investors.

There is no underestimating the damage caused by financial exploitation. It is our sincere hope that this Senior Investor Protection Playbook will assist advisors in their efforts to protect their clients.

If you have any comments or questions, or would like more information, please visit SIFMA’s Senior Investor Protection Resource Center or contact Stephanie Klarer, 212-313-1211.


Senior Investor Protection Video Playlist

Hear directly from unlikely victims. Their stories highlight the ubiquitous and insidious danger of financial exploitation. Stories like BBC News Mary Berners-Lee: An unlikely fraud victim