Phasing Out Liquidity Replenishment Points in Connection with the Limit Up-Limit Down Plan


SIFMA provides comments to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Proposal to amend Rule 1000 to revise the manner by which NYSE will phase out the functionality associated with liquidity replenishment points in connection with the implementation of the Limit Up Limit Down Plan, File No. SR-NYSE-2013-36.  NYSE proposed to reinstate its liquidity replenishment point (LRP) functionality temporarily until the implementation of Phase II of the National Market System Plan to address Extraordinary Market Volatility, also known as the Limit Up – Limit Down Plan (Plan). NYSE eliminated the LRP functionality in connection with the implementation of Phase I of the Plan.

Recently, there have been several occurrences of sharp price declines in stocks during the open and close periods when the Price Bands are not in effect. SIFMA believes that allowing NYSE to reinstate the LRP functionality will help reduce the instances of sharp price movements until Phase II of the Plan, when the Price Bands will be in effect during the entire trading day.



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