Amicus Briefs

Global-Tech Appliances, et al. v. SEB


SIFMA has submitted an Amicus “Friend of the Court” Brief


U.S. Supreme Court

Amicus Issue:

Whether the legal standard for the state-of-mind element of a claim for actively inducing infringement under 35 U.S.C. §271(b) is “deliberate indifference of a known risk” that an infringement may occur, as the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit held, or “purposeful, culpable expression and conduct” to encourage an infringement, as the Supreme Court held in MGM Studios, Inc. v. Grokster, Ltd., 545 U.S. 913, 937 (2005).

Counsel of Record:

Alston & Bird LLP
101 South Tryon Street
Suite 4000
Charlotte, NC 28280

Michael S. Connor
Benjamin F. Sidbury
Theresa Conduah

Other Amici on SIFMA’s Brief:

The Clearing House Association