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2019 Outlook: Trends in the Capital Markets


Efficient capital markets are essential to a vibrant economy. By driving capital and credit to the best ideas and enterprises, they propel them and our country forward.

The global financial system has adopted an unprecedented volume of new regulations since the crisis, affecting everything from market structure to capital standards. As we look to 2019 and beyond, now is the time to ask, what reforms are working? Which would benefit from harmonization? What new risks have arisen? How do we make sure institutions can provide capital and credit to the economy?

SIFMA convenes hundreds of broker-dealers, investment banks and asset managers, representing one million industry employees across the nation. Together, we are invested in America, serving clients large and small. This report contains our insights into how markets performed, viewpoints on critical policy issues and several helpful resources.

What’s Inside

Market Insights

  • Capital Markets Depth and Liquidity
  • Market Structure: Efficiency & Resiliency Key to Capital Markets Strength
  • Equities Markets: Volatility Picked Up, Volumes Started to Follow
  • Capital Formation: Hurdles Continue, or Do They?
  • Fixed Income Markets: The Transformation Continues
  • Private Wealth Management: Savings and Wealth Creation and The Role of the Financial Advisor
  • Opportunities in Fintech and Operations

Policy Viewpoints

  • Cybersecurity Remains Priority One
  • Safe Handling of Personally Identifiable Information
  • Enhancing Investor Protection with Reg BI
  • Protecting Senior Investors
  • Fixing the Broken Fee Structure for Market Data
  • Looking Across Geographical Borders
  • Seeking Recalibration and Global Harmonization of Financial Regulation
  • The Two-Track Regime
  • A Spider Web of Regulations
  • CAT Implementation Moves Ahead


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  • Our Members
  • The GFMA Partnership
  • Our Committees


  • The SIFMA Foundation


  • 2018-2019 Board Officers
  • Key Contacts
  • How Markets Work
  • 2019 Conferences & Events
  • Business Continuity Planning and Cybersecurity
  • 2019 US Holiday Schedule
  • Terms to Know