US Corporate Bonds Statistics

SIFMA Research tracks issuance, trading and outstanding data for the U.S. corporate bond market. Issuance data is broken out into investment grade/high yield, nonconvertible/convertible, callable/noncallable and fixed rate/floating rate. Trading volume data has investment grade/high yield, public/144A, nonconvertible/convertible, by rating and interdealer breakouts. Data is downloadable by monthly, quarterly and annual statistics and includes trend analysis.

YTD statistics include:

  • Issuance (as of October) $1,266.9 billion, +2.5% Y/Y
  • Trading (as of October) $40.3 billion ADV, +4.6% Y/Y
  • Outstanding (as of 2Q23) $10.6 trillion, +2.2% Y/Y