Regulatory Recalibration & Industry Collaboration: Key Themes from the Asset Management Derivatives Forum

Following the 2008 global financial crisis, markets ended up with a spider web of regulations across the globe, some of which are duplicative or even contradictory. What can market participants do to move forward?

AMDF 2019 - Debrief

This question and more were discussed at the FIA and SIFMA Asset Management Group’s fifth annual Asset Management Derivatives Forum. More than 400 attendees from across the trade lifecycle – buy side, sell side, market infrastructures, and technology vendors – examined the latest developments in derivatives trading, clearing, operations and regulation. In this joint report from FIA and SIFMA, we highlight key conference takeaways:

  • Regulatory Recalibration, Changing the Story – Properly sizing the total market changes the conversation on sizing risk and then regulators can re-examine how regulatory thresholds are set.
  • Cross-Border Harmonization, In and Out of the US – Without harmonization, markets can fragment, splitting liquidity pools and negatively impacting the efficiency of trading and clearing.
  • Fintech, the Search for Solutions – The complexity of derivatives markets makes it more challenging to implement emerging technologies, but practical applications in operations & compliance are already underway.
  • Operations, Creating Intelligent Workflows – Operational enhancements and industry collaboration to pave the way for a more intelligent workflow for derivatives trading.

Download the full report for results from our audience polling, insights from CFTC Chief Economist Bruce Tuckman and more.


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Katie Kolchin, CFA

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