Recalibrating (Not Repealing) Prudential Regulation


In May 2018, S. 2155, the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act (EGRRCPA) – commonly referred to as the Crapo bill – was signed into law. While this recalibration is a step in the right direction, there is still work to be done to harmonize international regulations and move to a streamlined, efficient regulatory framework.

Inside this note, we analyze:

  • The objective of the EGRRCPA to spur bank lending in the U.S.;
  • New groupings based on total assets and capital ratios across the new groupings;
  • A deeper look at CCAR banks under $250 billion in assets;
  • Non-GSIB banks over $250 billion in assets;
  • The potential capital release if tailoring is applied; and
  • The spider webs of regulations and regulators.

Spider Web of Regulators - SIFMA Insights

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SIFMA Insights

Katie Kolchin, CFA
Senior Industry Analyst

Office of the General Counsel

Carter McDowell
Managing Director and Associate General Counsel