Global Securitization Update 2010

The SIFMA Global Structured Finance Report offers a consolidated view of the global securitized debt market from 2000-2010. From year-end 2000 until year-end 2010 the global securitization market increased from $4.8 trillion to $13.6 trillion. Over the same time period, yearly issuance more than doubled from $1.1 trillion in 2000 to $2.5 trillion in 2010. While the securitization markets appear to be nearing stabilization, the certain impact of financial regulation remains a great unknown.

About the Report

Using data from data providers, association members, central banks, and rating agencies, the report attempts to quantify the size of the global securitization market and is the first publication from SIFMA to attempt to determine the size of the securitization market outside of Europe and the United States. As data are often from the security level, adjustments and revisions are often made and may not match previous numbers reported.


SIFMA Research

  • Manager: Sharon Sung

SIFMA Securitization Group

  • Managing Director, Head of SSG: Richard Dorfman
  • Vice President: Chris Killian
  • Analyst: Joseph Cox