Who Can Be Trusted With Your Retirement?

The following Q&A with Casey Dowd was originally published on FOXBusiness.com on November 6, 2016. 

For senior investors, a financial advisor should be the key to detecting suspicious activity on money accounts, such as overly aggressive investments or unusual asset movements. Investment fraud targeting unsuspecting seniors can wreak havoc on a retirement nest egg.

SIFMA recently partnered with FINRA, hosting a Senior Investor Protection Conference that focused on strategies and solutions to help financial advisors strengthen their roles as the first line of defense against threats to their senior clients.

Lisa Bleier, Managing Director and Associate General Counsel, SIFMA, discussed with FOXBusiness.com what both advisors and investors should know when it comes to protecting retirement funds.

Boomer: What red flags should financial advisors look for that can signal when seniors are becoming the victims of investment fraud?

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