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SIPC Materials

The official publication and member identification materials of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC):

  • SIPC Brochure
    SIFMA Member: $18.75 for 25 brochures
    Listed Price: $25.00 for 25 brochures
  • Decal 5×3
    SIFMA Member: $8.00
    Listed Price: $10.00
  • Decal 7×5
    SIFMA Member: $10.00
    Listed Price: $12.00
  • Sign 9×6
    SIFMA Member: $12.00
    Listed Price: $15.00

Investor's Guides - Print

A series of authoritative Investor’s Guides. Each printed guide is a comprehensive brochure with an understandable explanation of an investment product or market. For orders of 250 quantity and over, you have the option to personalize using your firm’s logo. Pricing is based on order quantity. SIFMA Members receive discounted pricing.

Available for purchase:

  • Investor’s Guide to RMBS & CMOs
  • Investor’s Guide to Bond Basics
  • Corporate Bonds
  • U.S. Treasury Securities

Coming soon:

  • Municipal Bonds
  • Zero-Coupon Municipal Bonds

Investor's Guides - Site Licenses

Coming soon: Provided for an annual fee, the site license version of the Investor’s Guides are for display on your website or electronic distribution.

Site licenses will be available as a PDF download.

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Benchmark Reports

Produced by SIFMA based on data gathered from across the industry, these reports are offered as a PDF download:

  • Compensation of Top Management in Small and Regional Firms
    SIFMA Member Price: $600
    Listed Price: $1,200
  • Merit Budgets, Bonuses and Benefits
    SIFMA Member Price: $350
    Listed Price: $600

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