Bulk Transfer Playbook

SIFMA's Bulk Transfer PlaybookSIFMA’s Bulk Transfer Playbook is a resource for expedited movement of customer accounts and assets from a carrying broker-dealer experiencing financial difficulties (a tail risk scenario) to a new carrying broker-dealer. The Playbook provides information, guidance and tools for firms related to relevant bulk transfer processes, activities, timelines and regulatory considerations, as well as preparedness steps. In the low-probability event a carrying broker-dealer experiences difficulties requiring a bulk transfer, the Bulk Transfer Playbook would help to ensure customers’ have uninterrupted access to their assets.

Among our many critical operations and market structure initiatives, SIFMA has been engaged with our members, regulators and the DTCC in a multi-year Bulk Transfer Initiative to protect customers and their assets. The Bulk Transfer Playbook is the culmination of years of collaborative work within the industry to ensure we have a program in place that provides a smooth transition and protects customers, in the unlikely event it is ever needed.

The Playbook, standardized bulk transfer layouts and other information related to the project are available at the DTCC’s resource center for the Bulk Transfer Initiative.


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