Suzi Evans

Director, Investment Management Tax Deloitte EMEA

Suzi Evans is a Director in the Deloitte EMEA Investment Management Tax & Reporting team. Currently on a two year assignment in Luxembourg, Suzi and her team support global investment managers on navigating the evolving tax landscape, primarily focused on the taxes a fund and other institutional investors suffer on the investments held. Suzi is well known in the industry for her expertise on transfer taxes such as UK, Irish, HK stamp taxes and the more recent French, Italian and Spanish financial transaction tax regimes. Her experiences helps asset servicers, depository’s, managers and investors understand the tax risks associated with in kind activity resulting from ETF creates/ redeems, fund mergers and rationalization programs and in kind subscriptions and redemptions. Wealth managers benefit from the services Suzi’s team provide by ensuring that internal and white labelled operational platforms contain required coding for operational compliance. Larger institutional investors including pension schemes and sovereign wealth funds are able to better manage their returns and protect investment value with greater awareness of these portfolio costs.

Suzi has a collaborative work style with both internal and external stakeholders, tax authorities included. Working closely with her colleagues she ensures that her clients are optimizing their withholding tax position and accruing accurate non-resident capital gains for compliant fund pricing. This investment tax management and reporting universe is becoming increasingly automated. Suzi has a passion for making maximum use of technology in her client work and was integral in the recent launch of the Deloitte global fund tax reporting suite, iPACS Fund Tax Reporting.