Stephanie Dumont

Executive Vice President and Head of Market Regulation and Transparency Services FINRA

Stephanie Dumont is Executive Vice President of Market Regulation and Transparency Services at FINRA. Working closely with the SEC and the exchanges, FINRA’s Market Regulation and Transparency Services Department conducts extensive oversight of the securities markets to protect investors and preserve market integrity. In addition to FINRA’s regulatory responsibilities for the entire over-the-counter market, its cross-market program covers 100 percent of U.S. equity market activity and approximately 45 percent of options contract volume. The Department combines examinations of member firms and innovative automated surveillance that assesses billions of market events each day to identify potential manipulation or fraud, and to supervise firms’ compliance with FINRA rules and federal securities laws. The Department also brings transparency to the equity and bond markets to help investors make informed investment decisions and improve supervision by regulators and firms. FINRA operates facilities that create the foundation of the regulatory audit trail in the securities markets and provides investors with timely quote and trade information, including TRACE (the Trade Reporting and Compliance Engine), the Trade Reporting Facilities, the Alternative Display Facility, and the Over-the-Counter Reporting Facility.

Previously, Ms. Dumont was Senior Vice President and Director of Capital Markets Policy for FINRA’s Office of General Counsel, where she was responsible for leading the development and interpretation of FINRA rules for market regulation, and for providing legal and policy advice to FINRA management and staff. Among other areas, she was responsible for leading the policy and rulemaking legal team addressing trading and customer order handling practices, order audit trails, and market structure for equity, options, and fixed income securities. Dumont also supported the policy, rulemaking, and regulatory reporting functions relating to FINRA’s market transparency facilities, including the Trade Reporting Facilities, the OTC Reporting Facility, the Alternative Display Facility and Trade Reporting and Compliance Engine (TRACE). In addition, she provided legal counsel for FINRA’s participation in various National Market System Plans, including the Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT), the Securities Information Processors, and the Limit Up/Limit Down Plans.

Prior to joining FINRA’s Office of General Counsel, Ms. Dumont was Director of Compliance for a broker-dealer compliance consulting firm. Prior to that position, Ms. Dumont conducted investigations for NASD’s Market Regulation Department in areas such as insider trading, fraud, short selling, and options. Ms. Dumont earned her B.S. in Finance and Management from the University of Virginia and her J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law. She also earned her LL.M., with distinction, in Securities and Financial Regulation from Georgetown University Law Center.