Jarod Koopman

Executive Director, Cyber and Forensic Services, IRS-Criminal Investigation

Jarod Koopman was named the Executive Director of Cyber and Forensics for IRS-Criminal Investigation in June 2021. In this capacity, Jarod established a new investigative section within CI and continues to focus priority on cybercrime and digital forensics. His primary function is the oversight and management of all cyber-related activities at a global level. This consists of close interaction with public/private sector, industry, and other law enforcement partners both domestic and international.

Jarod began his career in 2001 as a Special Agent in New York before being selected to the Accelerated Senior Leadership Program (ASLP) in 2011.  As such, Jarod took multiples roles involving increasing levels of leadership – Supervisor (New York), Senior Analyst (Washington DC), Assistant Special Agent in Charge (Chicago), Special Agent in Charge (Detroit) and Director of Cyber Crimes (Washington DC).