Felicia Rector

Managing Director, Securities Division Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Felicia is co-head of Americas Securities Division Compliance. She is also chief compliance officer of Goldman, Sachs & Co. as a swap dealer and futures commission merchant, and
Goldman Sachs Bank USA, Goldman Sachs Mitsui Marine Derivative Products, L.P., Goldman Sachs Financial Markets, L.P. and J. Aron & Company as swap dealers. Felicia is a member of the Firmwide Suitability Committee, Goldman Sachs & Co. Risk Committee, Goldman Sachs Financial Markets, L.P. Risk Committee and J. Aron & Company Risk Committee. She joined Goldman Sachs in 2005 as a vice president in Securities Division Compliance within Global Compliance. From 2005 to 2008, Felicia was head of the Americas Control Room. Prior to assuming her current role, she was deputy head of the US FICC Compliance team. Felicia was previously co-chair of the Legal, Global Compliance and Internal Audit Black
Network. She was named managing director in 2010.
Felicia earned an AB in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University in 1994 and a JD from Columbia Law School in1999.