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SIFMA Pushes for Broad Use of LEIs to Promote Financial Stability

FSOC and its members should work to advocate for broad adoption and use by the US regulatory community of the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI).

SIFMA Cannot Support FINRA's CARDS Concept

FINRA’s recent proposal to develop a Comprehensive Automated Risk Data System (CARDs) raises questions on privacy, security and cost; more info and analysis is needed before proceeding any further.

SIFMA Op-Ed: "Holes in the Volcker Rule"

As firms comb through almost a thousand pages to interpret the complex Volcker Rule and comply by its July 2015 deadline, one of the greatest challenges is the lack of statutory direction for ensuring coordination amongst the five regulatory agencies responsible.

SIFMA and FSR Comments

Reg AB2 is a Flawed Approach

SIFMA and FSR urge the SEC to abandon disclosure of asset-level information, which would expose both consumers and issuers to unwarranted risks and liabilities.

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