The 2022 Operations Conference & Exhibition Debrief

Recently, SIFMA hosted our annual Operations Conference & Exhibition. With three days of presentations and events and over 750 attendees, we gained insights into top-of-mind topics for market participants.

Inside this note, we recap just some of what was seen and heard, including:

  • The Industry Outlook – top sector and industry priorities/themes with survey, new normal for office
  • Transition to T+1 Settlement – what is different this time, the playbook for implementation, why not T+0; includes snapshots on the impact heatmap and timelines, as well as survey and audience polling results
  • The Regulatory View – remote work supervision, digital assets/cryptocurrency, thoughts from market participants on the aggressive regulatory agenda (>50 rule proposals from the SEC alone)
  • The ESG Perspective – SEC climate disclosure, survey on ESG investing and underwriting
  • More on Market Themes – digital assets/cryptocurrency, blockchain technology potential use cases, operational resiliency risks identified, cybersecurity, U.S. Treasury markets



OPs 2021


  • The Industry Outlook
    • Top Sector Themes
    • Market Touchpoint: Industry Themes
    • The New Normal for the Office
  • The Transition to T+1 Settlement
    • What Is Different This Time?
    • The Playbook for Implementation
    • Why Not T+0?
    • Audience Polling Results
    • Pre-Conference Survey Results
  • The Regulatory View
    • Remote Work Supervision
    • Digital Assets/Cryptocurrency
    • Thoughts from Market Participants
  • The ESG Perspective
    • SEC Climate Risk Disclosure
    • Market Touchpoint: ESG
  • More on Market Themes
    • Digital Assets/Crypto Currencies
    • Market Touchpoint: Crypto
    • Market Touchpoint: Blockchain Technology
    • Market Touchpoint: Operational Resiliency
    • Cybersecurity
    • US Treasury Markets


SIFMA Insights
Katie Kolchin, CFA