Retirement and Savings Government Representatives Working Group

Committee Remit
The SIFMA Retirement & Savings Gov Reps Committee leads industry engagement in advocacy relating to retirement and savings matters, working together with other areas of SIFMA, related industry groups, and Members of Congress. The Committee works to respond pro-actively to proposed legislative changes impacting the retirement savings industry and advocates for policies that strengthen the retirement market in the U.S.

SIFMA is committed to preserving and enhancing the voluntary employer-provided retirement system and the tax incentives that support it. SIFMA is a leading voice in several coalitions, including the Coalition to Protect Retirement, which is focused on protecting the tax treatment for 401(k) plans and IRAs. Given the vast numbers of baby boomers who reach retirement age every day, retirement savings incentives are needed more than ever to help people ensure their retirement security.

Key Priorities & Issues

  • Tax Incentives for Savings
  • State-Run Retirement Plan Proposals
  • 529 Accounts
  • Expanding Access to Retirement Plans
  • Increasing Plan Participation
  • Decreasing Leakage
  • Enhancing Savings and Investment Education

SIFMA Contacts

Jennifer Flitton
Managing Director
[email protected]

Lisa Bleier
Managing Director
[email protected]

Jillian Enoch
Vice President
[email protected]