Municipal Government Representatives Working Group

Committee Remit
The SIFMA Muni Gov. Reps. Committee is a forum of municipal bond underwriter and secondary market trading firms to discuss legislative and regulatory issues affecting the fixed income markets.  The Committee seeks to increase Capitol Hill’s interest and understanding of the role municipal bonds play in infrastructure development, long-term financing of public projects and municipals as an investment tool for retail and institutional investors.  The Muni Gov. Reps. Committee will promote greater understanding of the municipal markets through engagement with key congressional staff related to upcoming hearings, oversight, and legislation.  Through its strong voice and coordinated outreach, the Committee aims to leverage the expertise of SIFMA’s Municipal Executive Steering Committee as it builds a consensus around key priorities and issues.

Key Priorities & Issues

  • Municipal Advisor Regulation
  • High Quality Liquid Asset (HQLA) Treatment of Municipals
  • Municipalities Continuing Disclosure Cooperation (MCDC)
  • Tax Exemption/Treatment of Municipal Bonds
  • Municipal Disclosure
  • Sovereign Debt / Puerto Rico

SIFMA Contacts

Joseph Vaughan
Vice President
Public Policy & Advocacy
[email protected]

Jennifer Flitton
Managing Director
Public Policy & Advocacy
[email protected]

Michael Decker
Managing Director
Municipal Division
[email protected]