Equity Market Structure Government Representatives Committee

SIFMA believes that robust competition and innovation are hallmarks of the U.S. equity markets and have generated tremendous benefits for retail investors. SIFMA supports a comprehensive review of the U.S. equity markets to promote stable, resilient and fair markets.  In particular, SIFMA calls on Congress and the Securities and Exchange Commission to: (i) enhance the transparency and disclosure regimes; (ii) reduce unnecessary market complexity; and (iii) overhaul the governance of National Market System plans to enhance the efficiency, competitiveness, fairness and resilience of U.S. equity markets.

SIFMA is working to achieve its objectives by engaging with the SEC and Congressional offices to provide constructive recommendations on equity market structure reform.  SIFMA’s Equity Market Structure Government Representatives Committee works closely with SIFMA’s Equity Markets and Trading Committee to determine the ultimate business impact of the current equity market structure and to determine the best course of action in its advocacy efforts.

Committee Remit
The Equity Market Structure Government Representatives Committee provides a forum for members to stay apprised of developments in the legislative and regulatory spheres, as well as provide input on the SIFMA advocacy strategy.  The Committee engages in the creation and development of correspondence to legislators in the form of comment letters, letters of support for legislation, and formal written testimony for Congressional hearings.

Key Priorities & Issues

  • Promoting National Market Structure (NMS) governance reform
  • Improving transparency and disclosure requirements
  • Advocating for fair and timely access to critical equity market data
  • Reducing market complexity and instability

SIFMA Contacts

Dave Oxner
Managing Director
[email protected]
(202) 962-7334

Lisa Schaefer
Assistant Vice President
[email protected]
(202) 962-7340