Paul A. Conn

Paul is president of Computershare’s* Global Capital Markets Group.  He leads a division that spearheads international and cross-border initiatives and develops strategies and solutions for major market structure developments. Since joining Computershare in 1998, Paul has led the development of a number of strategic initiatives to leverage Computershare’s global assets and capabilities, in turn delivering a unique service platform for Computershare. Prior to joining Computershare, Paul gained extensive international securities markets experience through a range of senior roles at both the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX; now the Australian Securities Exchange). He played a key role in leading significant market reforms of the Australian stock market, including the development of the CHESS settlement system. Prior to joining ASX, Paul worked for the LSE in a range of administrative and management positions. One of its youngest senior executives, he was also appointed by the Council of LSE as its Buying In Official. Paul has 30 years’ experience in the operations, market infrastructure, development and strategic policy in international capital markets.