Jean Luther

Director of Operations, Mediant

Jean Luther currently holds the position of Director of Operations with Mediant Communications Inc. Prior to her position at Mediant Communications, Ms. Luther spent over 35 years of her career in the brokerage industry. Her management experience ranges throughout all aspects of operations in brokerage correspondent clearing firms with companies such as Legent Clearing LLC where she was Senior Vice President of Operations and BNY Clearing LLC (a Bank of New York subsidiary) as Vice President of Operations.  Previous to those roles she managed and directed clearing operations for Kemper Clearing LLC at The Chicago Board of Trade and Chicago Mercantile Exchange.  Jean has extensive experience working with industry related organizations, including SEC, FINRA, OCC, DTCC and Exchange SRO’s.  Throughout her career she has been an active member with SIFMA in various working committees and a past member of SIA and DTCC’s Corporate Actions Advisory Board.