Jamie Selway

Jamie Selway is the former Head of Electronic Brokerage and US Head of Execution Services at ITG, a global agency broker-dealer and financial technology provider.  At ITG, he was responsible for the firm’s global electronic products, including the POSIT® crossing network, and the US electronic, single-stock, and portfolio execution businesses.  In addition, Mr. Selway was a member of ITG’s Executive Committee and provided the firm’s clients with analysis of market structure and regulatory developments on a global basis.  Prior to joining ITG, Mr. Selway was Managing Director at White Cap Trading, an institutional agency brokerage that he co-founded in 2003.  He previously served as Chief Economist at Archipelago and worked in equity derivatives research at Goldman Sachs.  He currently serves as Vice Chairman of the National Organization of Investment Professionals and as Associate Editor of the Journal of Trading, and is a member of the IEX Quality of Markets Committee and the Investment Traders Association of Philadelphia.  In the past, he has served as a Director of the BATS Exchange and as a member of SIFMA’s Equity Markets and Trading Committee, the Nasdaq Quality of Markets Committee, and the NYSE Euronext Market Structure Advisory Committee.