Darío Luna Plá

Managing Partner, Akua Capital, S.C

Dario heads Akua Capital, one of the few private equity companies focused on the insurance and reinsurance industries in Latin America. Akua Capital closed its first fund in 2014, and under the scope of its investment activities Dario is a Board member of several insurance related SME´s. He is also an Independent Board Member of Principal Afore in Mexico, and is currently working with the Mexican Insurance Association to develop private micro-insurance solutions based on probabilistic catastrophe models and public exposure data for households that are under the poverty line. Prior to founding Akua, Dario held various positions in the Ministry of Finance in Mexico. One of his most recent responsibilities was to lead the placement of Mexico´s well known Catastrophe Risk Management Programme, which involves transferring natural disaster risks to reinsurance and capital markets for around USD550 million. Mexico is a pioneer in Sovereign Cat Bonds (the MultiCat programme sponsored by the World Bank), and Dario contributed through the years to that effort under various roles. During 2012 he led the G20 discussion of Disaster Risk Management among Finance Ministries under that year´s Mexican Presidency. He has also been a reinsurance broker at Willis Re in London, and has provided catastrophe risk management advisory services to the World Bank, IADB and the CCRIF.