Robert J. (Bob) Chersi

Executive Director, Center for Global Governance, Reporting & Regulation, Pace University
Adjunct Professor, Finance & Economics Department, Pace University's Lubin School of Business

Robert J. (Bob) Chersi is the Executive Director of the Center for Global Governance,
Reporting & Regulation at Pace University, and an adjunct professor at Pace’s Lubin
School of Business. Bob’s thirty plus year professional business career included senior
corporate executive roles including CFO and Member of the Executive Committee of
Fidelity Investments, and Member of the Group Managing Board of UBS AG and CFO of
U.S. Wealth Management / Deputy CFO of Global Wealth Management & Business
Banking. Bob currently serves on the Board of Directors and as Chairman of the Audit
Committee of Old Mutual Asset Management (NYSE: OMAM) and the Thrivent Family of
Mutual Funds; his prior board mandates have included a FDIC regulated bank, a SEC
registrant, and several civic boards. He has also served as a Panelist for the New York
Stock Exchange’s Hearing Board. He is a graduate of Pace University.