Ben Cathers

Principal Solutions Consultant Hootsuite

Ben was the social media manager for Lightspeed Financial, LLC, and an authority on the use of various social media in the business environment. As one of the original members on Facebook (circa 2004), as well as one of the first users of Ryze (a business social networking company founded in 2001), he has been involved in social networks and online communities for more than ten years. At Lightspeed, Ben was responsible for managing the company’s online community, as well as developing and implementing the company’s social media strategy. He was the co-founder of several Internet start-ups (phatstart LLC, Teen American Media Group, and Search Rate Technologies LLC), as well as a member of the advisory board of Zepfrog Corp, a startup Web 2.0 financial research company.

At Hootsuite, Ben, as the Financial Services Lead Solutions Consultant, he pitches, advises and manages the initial rollout phase in some of Hootsuite’s largest rollouts, including compliance rollouts for top-tier insurance companies. As a former Head of Social Media for NYC-based Lightspeed Financial, Ben is a frequent speaker on social media and financial services, having presented at the SIFMA Tech conference, multiple BDI Events, Meetups and at the International Trader’s Expo.