The Securities Industry Institute® (SII) will be back in 2021 as an enhanced virtual program. The program will provide participants with a high touch, interactive learning experience consisting of all live sessions.

The 2021 SII program will run for 12 weeks starting January 25th ending April 16th. Participants will be able to customize their own schedule to complete all required programming in a few weeks or spread it out over 3 months. Coursework will include required lectures, small group classes, optional lectures and panel discussions with faculty and industry experts as well as small team-based interactive simulations.

Program Highlights


  • Required lectures and small group classes will be offered multiple times on different days/times to allow participants to sign up for programming based on their current work schedule
  • Session times will not compete and therefore allow participants to attend any and all session that are available to their specific year
  • Participants will have the ability to complete all required curriculum in a few weeks or over the 3 months

High Touch Interaction

  • All programming will be live and sessions will have interactive Q&A, discussion boards & breakout sessions
  • 30-person max elective sessions
  • Office hours for faculty holding year-specific lectures
  • Follow up discussions with faculty possible based on discussion board feedback

Word-Class Faculty

  • Learn from top professors from Wharton and other leading universities
  • Exposure from industry experts in the latest industry trends

Access to More Sessions

  • Additional optional sessions will be accessible to all participants and available throughout the 3-month period
  • Years 2 & 3 will have access to required lectures from previous years as “refresher” programming


  • Years 1 & 2 small team-based simulation
  • Year 3 small group Blue Ocean workshop/project
  • Discussion boards for individual sessions
  • Enhanced participant profiles and filters
    • Robust attendee profiles will allow participants to see how they match up with other SII participants and what they have in common
  • Additional networking opportunities in development

Click here for 2021 Program Overview

Summary of Course Offerings by Year

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 (Access to at least 24 sessions and 1 simulation)

  • 9 required lectures
  • 4 required electives
  • 1 simulation (optional)
  • 11 additional lectures (optional)
  • Additional optional guest lectures
(Access to at least 31 sessions and 1 simulation)

  • 6 required lectures
  • 4 required electives
  • 1 simulation (optional)
  • 15 additional lectures (optional)
  • 6 refresher lectures from Y1 (optional)
  • Additional optional guest lectures
(Access to at least 37 sessions and 1 workshop)

  • 5 required lectures
  • 4 required electives
  • 1 workshop (optional)
  • 17 additional lectures (optional)
  • 10 refresher lectures from Y1 & Y2 (optional)
  • Additional optional guest lectures

About SII

The Securities Industry Institute® (SII) is the premier executive development program for securities industry professionals, hosted by SIFMA and Wharton. For 69 years, SIFMA and The Wharton School have partnered to develop the industry’s high-potential rising leaders.

Over three consecutive years SII participants develop leadership and managerial skills and enhance investment and industry knowledge. SII’s cost-effective talent development approach delivers actionable knowledge that is implementable today: the mission of the Institute is to equip each participant with practical information, ideas, and answers directly applicable to their present and future responsibilities. Its customized curriculum is redesigned each year to reflect the needs of an ever-changing industry landscape.