Next Generation of Financial Advisors Seminar


October 05, 2016


St. Louis, MO


SIFMA’s Next Generation of Financial Advisors Seminar provides an opportunity for industry professionals to gather and discuss industry solutions to recruiting and training the next generation of financial advisors.

Speakers and panelists discussed innovative ideas and tactical approaches, including:

  • Enhancing education: How can the industry increase college and university offerings to create a buzz around the profession and provide information to a new and wide range of students?
  • Increasing Diversity: How are firms strategically recruiting a diverse Financial Advisor population?
  • Training methods: Why are teaming, coaching, and mentoring essential to the next generation of financial advisors?
  • Technology: Leveraging the power of modern technology solutions to optimize FA efficiency and connect directly with clients.
  • Serving the client: How does the next gen client want to interact with their FA?

Terms and Conditions

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