SIFMA Foundation SMG At Home

SIFMA Foundation SMG At Home

Strengthening economic opportunity across communities

SMG At Home is a version of the SIFMA Foundation’s premiere investor education program, The Stock Market Game™, specially designed for homeschooling parents and at-home educators.

For over 30 years, classroom teachers have used The Stock Market Game (SMG) program to teach long-term saving and investing while inspiring their students to aggressively pursue excellence in their core academic studies. The SMG program successfully achieves this by providing students with tangible real-world situations where they practice the math, reading, and problem solving skills they are taught.

Recent history and the increasing number of state education departments requiring Personal Financial Literacy courses for high school graduation are signs of the importance placed on raising an informed nation of savers and investors.

An independent study funded by FINRA, the United States’ largest independent securities regulator, found students in the SMG program performed significantly better on math achievement tests and financial literacy knowledge tests than their peers who didn’t. In schools, The Stock Market Game has been used successfully in Math, English Language Arts, Social Studies (including Economics), Technology, Business, and Personal Finance classes from fourth grade to twelfth grade. Click Here for highlights from the FINRA study.

SMG At Home brings The Stock Market Game experience and impact to parents, caretakers, and teachers in alternative classroom settings. It is the equivalent of a 16-week course in Social Studies and Economics that meets standards in all 50 states at the upper elementary, middle and high school levels.

SMG Homeschool kit includes:

  • SMG At Home Advisor Guide: A reference guide for implementing SMG At Home. 
  • SMG At Home Workbook: A reproducible activities book
  • Online Teaching Resources: Standards-based lesson plans, projects, and publications
  • Personalized Online Training (by request): Special training Webinars for parents

SMG At Home is currently available as an exclusive thank you gift from SIFMA Foundation for donations of $100 or more.

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