Global Cyber Attack: SIFMA Member Advisory

Global Cyber Attack: SIFMA Member Advisory

May 14, 2017

The massive ransom-ware cyber attacks occurring globally are due to vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Windows operating system.

The malware heavily impacts Windows XP which MSFT stopped supporting several years back. MSFT, however, has now made a patch available for this system.

In addition, a patch was made available for newer versions of Windows several months ago.

It is advisable that firms check to see if there are critical systems running XP and that patches are up-to-date across all Windows operating systems.

SIFMA is in touch with our Members and USG and as of now we see no impact to our Sector in the U.S. or supporting critical infrastructure.

SIFMA will continue to monitor the situation, meantime, please contact Tom Price or Tom Wagner if you see an impact to your firm or the sector.

If warranted, SIFMA will assist in pulling together the appropriate public and private sector resources needed to facilitate response and recovery efforts.



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