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April 25, 2013

Update: Eminent Domain – Still a Bad Idea

By Timothy Cameron

Housing - Eminent Domain Pitchmen offering eminent domain as a no-cost solution to cities dealing with high levels of foreclosures continue to creep around the country. Their proposed plan to abrogate a perfectly valid contract by seizing mortgages to force loan restructurings is an offer that should be refused. Unless, of course, the cities deliberately want to further depress housing prices in their communities at a time when housing prices are seen to be recovering across the country. .... Read more...

April 11, 2013

The Right Way to Address Cyber Threats

By Thomas Price and Karl Schimmeck

Cyber security Threats

The Administration's budget proposal appropriately recognizes the very real threat of cyber attacks on the United States and its businesses and individuals. Cybersecurity is a key priority for the financial industry as we work to protect our clients' and firms' confidential data while maximizing the potential of technology to improve client service and the efficiency of the financial markets..... Read more...



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