What Municipal Analysts Need to Know about Governmental Accounting

What Municipal Analysts Need to Know about Governmental Accounting

February 6, 2014
SIFMA Conference Center
New York, NY

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This session will provide in-depth instruction on the rules that state and local governments follow when accounting for and reporting their finances in audited financial reports. It will cover the basics from the perspective of the financial statement analyst - focusing on how the accounting standards affect the information that analysts receive. The speaker will also highlight significant new changes to government financial reports that analysts have seen or will soon see, such as the new fund balance classifications, the appearance of deferrals, and the forthcoming pension information.

The session is ideal both for relatively new analysts and for experienced analysts looking for a refresher or to learn about the latest accounting requirements. Registration includes a copy of "An Analyst's Guide to Government Financial Statements", 2nd Edition, which will serve as the text for the session.

About the instructor

David BeanDean Mead is the Research Manager at the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) and author of "An Analyst's Guide". With GASB since 1998, he is a financial statement analyst by training and a member of NFMA and MAGNY. He is an adjunct professor of governmental accounting and auditing at the Rutgers Business School and was previously an adjunct at New York University, where he pursued doctoral studies in public finance, management, and public policy.

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