LEI Seminar - Implementing a Global LEI Framework

LEI Seminar - Implementing a Global LEI Framework

December 11, 2012
New York
New York, NY

LEI Seminar - Implementing a Global LEI Framework

In partnership with our global affiliate GFMA, SIFMA is pleased to present the "Implementing a Global LEI Framework - Ready. Set. Go." seminar.

The symposium will address current global policy as well as regulation and business implementation issues facing the financial services industry, as we prepare to stand up the Financial Stability Board's LEI infrastructure and use of CICI legal entity identifiers for regulatory reporting to the CFTC . We will also examine the impact of these changes on your business.

This event is a must attend for industry professionals responsible for risk management, enterprise data management, regulatory reporting, legal and compliance, operations, technology, and policy. GFMA and SIFMA will bring together business and regulatory leaders to address the key issues that will influence and shape the future of a global standard for legal entity identification standardization going forward.


  • CFTC CICI Swaps Reporting Requirements
  • LEI Global Adoption and FSB process
  • LEI Governance Framework
  • Regulatory Reporting using an LEI
  • Timeline and Phase-in
  • Building a federated LEI infrastructure
  • Future state of the LEI
  • Buy Side Issues
  • Registering for a CICI legal entity identifier 
  • "Nuts and Bolts" of Implementation Other LEI Issues  

For program information please contact Tom Price at tprice@sifma.org or at 212-313-1260

For sponsorship information please contact Diana Serri at dserri@sifma.org or at 212-313-1258 


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